Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why hello there.

My god this is weird, me blogging again.

But nothing much is happening in my life right now other then of course, my precious one and only son. My life basically revolves around him 24/7.. No 1 moment he's not with me (or rather I'm not with him) ;)

So much has happened since I last blogged la! I got married, got pregnant and gave birth. LOL!!
Sometimes after a long chaotic day with Ethan, when I finally have the time to really lie in bed I always don't believe I have a child!
Even after 3 months, yes I still am somehow living in denial I have a kid... Responsibilities only pile up as he grows older Zzzzzzz
Or rather how did I survive the 9 and a half months with him in my tummy!! Time flies. TOO FAST.

Life has been quite alright for me, I have no complainssssssss -sacarstic- other then the fact I have huge gorging boobies everyday because I'm breastfeeding, or the fact that I have linea (u know the long dark line pregnant woman have on their tummies when it stretches) Its not gona fade away until I do not know when, but what I know, according to everyone Ive asked...Its gona hang around for the time being -.- SIGH
But I thank god I HAVE NO STRETCHMARKS. Is like seriously XIE TIAN XIE DI ok. I was so freaking diligent in applying stretchmark cream and it has paid off haha

Alright I'll blog more on my life with Ethan again on the next post! For now some of fishball (Ethan's nickname) pictures since he came into my life :)

These are pictures from the 1st month right up to now.. He just turned 3 months yesterday.. 
Ok! Ending this post with a nudie! 

Many luv X I'll be back tmr hehe 

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