Thursday, October 24, 2013

My daily routine with Ethan

Ok let's get down to my daily day with Ethan. 

730am - that's the time he usually wakes up. Means I have to wake up too, means I'll be as cranky as hell. Coz those who know me definitely know I'm not a morning person FOR SURE but he wakes me up by moving vigorously and when I finally am awake he gives me this smile.... The smile that can seriously get away from anything in the world. So I'll wish him good morning (Yes I make it a point to wish him good morning and night everyday) We'll play for about 15-20 minutes before he takes his bath

8am - Bath time! I remember when the confinement lady left I had a friggin hard time figuring out how to bath him fast and clean, what slows me down are his michelin lines, I have to wipe through every line by line haha I still can't bath him on my own though, His neck isn't as strong yet! Bathing him on average takes about 25-30 minutes including drying up and changing into day clothes. Usually he'll just wait for you to change him up but on a bad day!!!! it's impossible to change him. He screams and kicks and punchs and moves wanting you to pick him up. 

By this time 9am I'll be freaking goddamn tired omg I know my stamina weak k. So if I'm tired I'll get my maid to feed him and then put him to sleep and I'll go take a nap till I wake up...... Lol in between whoever is around to help will help me!! 

When I wake up, around 1-2pm I'll do the necessary feeding and playing and entertaining Ethan. He naps after feeds for about 1 hour in between...He's always a joy and never cranky, NEVER! Really! Sometimes I think he understands me when I have little small talks with me alone, to be a good boy and always love mummy and daddy hahaha 

Time FLIES when you have a kid. My god can you imagine I've been doing the same thing over and over again day and night for 3 months plus? Ok then it'll be 6pm and of course it's time to bring him down for a walk... We'll do our mother son bonding stroll while waiting for daddy to come home. He's the cutest when we're out, coz he'll just sit in his pram super guai and look around curiously at everything turning his head left and right left and right Awwwww right?! after that I'll come home and sponge him, change into his PJs and entertain him with all the toys he has... The amount of toys are piling up, I know it's normal, so I'm trying not to freak out everytime someone buys him new stuff. 

930-10pm bedtime!! He'll be tired by then and usually I have no problem putting him to sleep.. Previously when he was younger he used to wake up every 2 hours!! It's super shaggernarden man.... My god now he's better! 3 plus hours even 4 sometimes!

All in all, I'm happy to have him. Probably the bestest thing that has happened in my life. He makes me happy, like when I look at him it's so comforting and when he smiles I can feel the happiness like from the bottom of my heart la!!! 

This photo makes my day... He just learned tummy time by the way! And he loves it!! Hehe 

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